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Turn heads with slogan threads

When a stranger on the street reads your kids t-shirt and has a chuckle giving you the nod of appreciation. You can thank us later. It’s no secret we love a cheeky slogan tee here at Five and Knux. But why a slogan t-shirt you ask…keep reading and we’ll show how multifaceted this wardrobe staple is and how this fashion trend turns heads. 

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Neutral doesn't mean be beige.

Neutral doesn't mean be beige. And trust me, you want your kids to be anything but BEIGE! You can still have the neutral look with tones like black, grey, dusty pink, cream, tan, mustard, peach…colours that fall into the ‘natural’ category and are toned down. Read the blog for tips on how to dress neutral and still be stylish.

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The only place to buy awesome kids clothing from, Five and Knux.

Looking for the best kids clothes around? Let me tell you why Five and Knux should be your first, and only, place to buy the best and coolest kids fashion. Who doesn’t love receiving parcels in the mail?  The majority of our pieces are gender neutral. T Our range is hand selected by me to ensure that the pieces are unique, edgy, stylish and most importantly comfy!  Lots of silky buttery soft fabrics, bamboo’s, natural cottons, adjustable and stretchy items! I’m always available for advice, questions, more photos or size comparisons so feel free to message me via socials or shoot me an email If you’re a Gold Coast local I offer free local pick up so you can save...

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