About Five and Knux

Renée with some of team Five + Knux

Five and Knux - Who are we?

Well first of all, there is no we, it’s me, Renée. Owner of this small, Aussie owned, business, wearing many caps (researcher, merchandise selector, order maker and taker, marketing manager, order packer, learning to be website updater, social media manager, book keeper and basically jack of all trades) and I’m stoked you’ve come to check out Five and Knux - the sassiest kids clothing around!

I didn’t start Five and Knux so can’t take all the credit for the cool brand and it’s start up style but I have taken over thanks to everyone’s favourite buzz (kill) word, the Covid Pivot. An event manager who needed to keep busy when all event work stopped, a love of online shopping and e-commerce and a drive to try and survive on my own, I merged the two and here I am.

What on earth does Five and Knux mean??

Well, it’s like a secret handshake you see, High Fives and Knuckles (fist pump). Still not sure? Check out our videos on Social Media and you might be able to catch a glimpse of the secret shake. Follow us while you’re there, although you really should already be following! @fiveandknux for regular doses of sass and of course all our latest kids clothing and some customer spotlights.

What does Five and Knux stand for?

Individual Style, encouraging your children to be whoever they want to be. Be cheeky, be badass, dress to express, mix and match styles….the list goes on. Basically we’re advocates for gender neutral / unisex clothing for a variety of reasons, we want your kids to be comfortable in who they are, and in comfy clothes… plus we’re encouraging the hand-me-down comeback and not just all fast fashion. Clothing that can be swapped between family members, brothers or sisters, and then passed on to other family members or friends. Clothing with a bit of attitude and sass that’s fun for adults and kids.

Thank you for the small business support... 

I’m always keen to see how your mini’s are styled, partly as I’m jealous I can’t wear these styles myself, so please tag @fiveandknux in any photos so I can share the love. Thanks hugely for the support of my small business and I really do do happy dances when an order comes in – now you know a little about me, you know that your order is truly appreciated and hand packed with love!

And if you’re on the Gold Coast, you can do local click and collect for any orders to save those pesky shipping fees 😊

Renée xx