Turn heads with slogan threads

When a stranger on the street reads your kids t-shirt and has a chuckle giving you the nod of appreciation. You can thank us later. It’s no secret we love a cheeky slogan tee here at Five and Knux. But why a slogan t-shirt you ask…keep reading and we’ll show how multifaceted this wardrobe staple is and how this fashion trend turns heads. 

Whether you’re dressing your kids in a graphic t-shirt because it’s something they say or it’s so sassy that makes you laugh, it’s the joy that keeps on giving. You’ll get a smile across your face every time your little one comes running towards you or when you’re hanging the washing out on the line daydreaming of your youth.

They’re super easy to style as they basically go with anything. The real question is do you wear them with coloured harem shorts to compliment the colours in the tee, do you wear something with a bold print like our stickerbomb boardshorts to clash and really stand out or do you rock them with distressed jeans or denim shorts and let the t-shirt be the hero of the outfit.

Here are some of our favourite reasons why we love a slogan tee.

  • The t-shirt emblazons their favourite saying. Do your kids have a saying that's on repeat? As if! Think Chill Out or Later Hater…
  • It’s a flashback to mum’s childhood. Some of our slogan tshirts are just like half the songs on the radio, rehashes of old classics reworked so the new generation think they’re new. Cue Mean Girls when on Wednesday’s we wear pink, that is “So Fetch”.
  • Being bad ass and not even realising: these ones are definitely for the parents to have a laugh but I have seen my fair share of kids thinking they’ve pulled one over their parents for being allowed to wear “Be Badass” also cue ‘Son on a Beach’ and ‘Sassy Beach’.
  • Funny because it's TRUE. Sometimes you'd swear these were tailor made for your child....Cute but Pyscho isn't a best seller of ours for no reason!

So get shopping and grab your kids a slogan t-shirt, for any or all of the above reasons. You can thank us later. 

Also if you have a favourite saying you'd love to see drop us a DM and we'll see how we can work our magic ;)