Neutral doesn't mean be beige.

Neutral doesn't mean be beige.

And trust me, you want your kids to be anything but BEIGE!

You can still have the neutral look with tones like black, grey, dusty pink, cream, tan, mustard, peach…colours that fall into the ‘natural’ category and are toned down.

Five and Knux in general stocks majority of gender neutral items, and this Neutrals Edit shows you can still wear neutral colours and express your style. Basically the winning combination of style and sass.

How to wear neutrals without being boring

- Combine neutral tones together (as long as they have the same colour base)

- Create texture through different fabrics, mixing pieces of your outfit with different textures will add visual appeal and depth ie start with your base as denim jeans and add a soft buttery t-shirt

- Express your little ones personality with a sassy slogan tee, Five and Knux are the masters for blazing cheeky slogans across your chest, wear it loud and proud. The perfect opportunity for your little ones to showcase their attitude.

- Accessorize, add the finishing touch and ultimate statement by adding in a bold coloured accessory. Something that will really pop against the neutrals, especially if it clashes, such as sunglasses, hats or our famous shoe wings.

You don't always need to wear bright colours to be expressive. Especially with some of our cheeky tees or tanks this can come out in text and attitude when wearing them.

The majority of Five and Knux pieces are also gender neutral so sharing within the whole family isn't an issue - cue no fighting over 'his shirt is cooler than mine' cos they can all take turns or be passed down (Hello the hand me down). 

Basically you can still be subdued with your colour choices but you can still have some sass and edge to your wardrobe if you follow Five and Knux's tips and tricks. Shop their neutral's collection now at