Secret Handshake - Learn the Five and Knux

Did you know our name Five and Knux stands for High Five’s and Knuckles? Like a secret handshake 🖐🏼+👊🏼

Cos we know all the cool kids have a secret handshake, and only the coolest kids wear our streetwear so we thought it only fitting to have a something to say hello between our crew!

If you want to learn the Five and Knux follow these simple steps...

1. Grab your best buddy

2. Stand facing each other

3. High Five

4. Then fist bump / tap knuckles

Extra kapow! If you want to take it up a notch, after your fist bump make a "kapow" sound and pull away with your hand spread wide open like an explosion!💥

Do your kids have secret handshakes?

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