Podcast listening! Five and Knux on 'Side Show Hustle'

🎧Tune in to the “Side Show Hustle Podcast” to hear all about how Five and Knux became my side hustle and what it’s like for me running a small business.

I chat with Matt about how it all came about, the learning curves I've had when starting to run my own small business in the kids clothing industry and the obstacles I've overcome (and am still working on) to get this small business generating some income.

Always appreciative of the support of my small business Five and Knux and my passion (Sassy Bad-assy kids clothing). Show the love by getting your hands on a Five and Knux T-shirt and help me grow so I can get my own full range one day soon!! 🥰🛍👕

Listen to the Five and Knux story here:

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Side Show Hustle Podcast featuring Five and Knux